Moldova calling

I’ve been pranked. For two weeks I’ve been astounded by a five fold increase in traffic to my blog. Not people, traffic. More page per views, more bandwith but no similar increase in visitors.

I began to flatter myself that it was because some group had taken notice of my blog. Maybe it was the people in Dr. Dixon’s Coon Rapids. Maybe it was UMD students who caught wind of my zinging UMD partiers. Maybe it was people following the 8th District Congressional campaign desperate to get some insightful commentary about local politics.

Sigh! No such luck. As I looked through my blog stats I discovered that the former Soviet Republic of Moldova has surpassed the United States as the source of most visits to my blog. Moldova? What’s with that? If any of my Moldova readers would like to explain this to me they could send me an email at So could people who think I’ve been unkind.

With my luck its some massive phishing attack.

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