Saving a million over a lifetime vs. earning a million a year [BIGOT ALERT]

I can’t find the Trib’s story on American’s giving up hope of becoming millionaires on the DNT website but this seems to be it.

While the GOP is hyperventilating about Obama stiring up class warfare I’d like to once again note that saving a million dollars over the course of one’s lifetime (which makes one a millionaire) falls far short of earning a million bucks a year. According to this story there are currently 5.2 millionaires in America. That is a far cry from 5.2 million American’s earning a million each year. Those are multi-millionaires. Obama is only going after them for taxes. If he can raise $1.5 trillion from them I say go for it.

Pretty soon we may have to rephrase that Biblical story to make it about a Republican getting to heaven being as likely as a camel passing through the eye of a needle.

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