The NRA needs more armed guards at their press conferences

I’m listening to the beginning of Wayne LaPierre’s press conference. It started with his hinting that we need as many armed guards at elementary schools as the President gets and even big public sporting events.

He wants the kind of national data base on the mentally ill that his organization has fought against accumulating on gun ownership.

Its video games that have caused all our problems. Unlike target practice with AR-15’s these unacceptable forms of recreation.

Its the media’s fault…….not the gun manufacturers. Who can protect us from mothers who buy six powerful guns from getting herself shot by her son and using her guns on children. The NRA’s push to arm teachers. That’s the solution.

A second heckler…….too bad the armed guards can’t protect Wayne. You’d think his press conference was another vulnerable kindergarten class.

Wayne is agonizing about the demonization of guns…….Remember “Guns don’t kill people. people kill people.”

Wayne’s solution sounds like its leaning toward that little Georgia city that passed an ordinance to require all its residents to own a gun.

Grover Norquist would crap in his pants if we raised the taxes to hire a hundred thousand more armed guards for the nations schools. Maybe not. Apparently he said Congressman Boener’s Plan B would be OK after all. Oh, except Norquist has got the Republican congressman paranoid that his Tea Party pals would bump them off in a primary that they wouldn’t support Boener.

Wayne wants “Blanket safety.” Let’s put a gun under the blanket of every child so that they can kill every monster that comes out of their closet to get them in the middle of the night.

So the NRA went off line to make sure it didn’t say anything stupid in the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Nice of him to wait a week before he said anythings stupid.

His hint at the beginning is just how he finished. More armed guards.

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