Picking up where I left off

Every time I leave Duluth I have to return and resume. Some projects will have another day’s delay as I’m driving to the Twin Cities today and delivering friends to the Airport where they will fly off to Europe. I’d hoped to take my daughter to lunch but she’ll be working. I will visit my Mother to see how she’s doing. That’s always a tough for me because she barely recognizes me but even so she still has a wry sense of humor hidden in the clutter that is her mind. And she likes to sing:Huts it raw sittin on the rittle raw……… I might remind her of some favorites like “You are my sunshine.”

It should be sunny and warm and I’m going clad in shorts. I’ll stop off at the Sectetary of State’s office while I’m down there. Hope they’ll take me seriously even if I’m not wearing a suit.

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