Pretty pictures

I looked at the Trib’s pretty pics of the new East High School. They’ve described a school that should be a delight to the eyes if not the safety of students trying to park their cars. I hope for the sake of Duluth that the school is a delight and that my concerns for safety are overblown.

The Trib has to try to rehabilitate their tattered credibility by persuading us that the new schools were worth everything we sacrificed to have them built. Good luck with that. I feel no need to link to the story. Go to the library if you must and read it there.

For my part I spent my day with my visiting brother from Missouri and at a birthday party for my grandson. Blogging simply took a back seat. I did get an interesting email from a friend who made a few caustic comments about the Trib. She mentioned that KBJR did a story a few days ago about how medical folks had discovered that smart boards were hard on our children’s eyes. (This is another television report on the same phenomena)

What do I know? I wear glasses which is par for the course for kids who are literate and who read from a tender age. According to some, reading put glasses on hundred’s of thousands of us and is still doing it. Of course, if a decade from now I hear reports about the eye problems of our Duluth children I will happily lay them at the feet of Dr. Dixon.

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