Dixon wants variances – Who cares if someone dies?

A long time behind the scenes critic of the Ordean site sent me this story to emphasize the reason for setback standards that keep buildings far removed from busy streets. He recalls other accidents on what was then a lightly traveled 40th Ave E. Similar accidents are sure to result in injuries or even deaths if we cram 1800 kids with cars onto the Ordean postage stamp.

He writes:

The Ordean building has always been too close to the two major streets, and is subject to just this kind of accident.
The existing building should have been demolished, even according to the School District’s own limit of reconstruction costs triggering new construction. [they ignored their own rule] Retaining this building’s poor 1950’s siting in 2009 is one more example of the lack of leadership in this District. One day we will pick up the paper and we will read of a car or truck smashing into the Ordean school.

The safety problems about to be unleashed by this Ordean plan go beyond this news report. Dr. Dixon’s policy is to ignore everything and everybody–and that is the limit of his leadership.

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