DC Diary

After a good night’s sleep I woke up to a new day in DC. Checked my email and my site stats and discovered that folks have indeed found my additions to the Boyd Scandal. I’d just renamed the files and was looking for the hits on the old urls.

I won’t put any additions to the story on the website until I’m back from Washington but I’ve brought my research with me so I’ll keep working on it.

Its obvious that DC is a hopping place these days. Reminds me of David Brinkley’s book about DC in World War II when FDR geared the nation up for war built the Pentagon and the government grew a million fold.  

This city is full of construction both public and private and its livelier than when I was last here a decade or so ago.

WW II Memorial

We walked through the new WWII Memorial. Its very lovely but it will take a while for this to lodge itself in my mental map of the Capitol like the other iconic monuments.

We have a day to explore and no plans. Life is good.

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