Thugs for Better Schools I

A couple weeks ago I had coffee with a fellow I hoped to recruit for a School Board run. He’s a professional who wrote an article critical of the Red Plan’s management and the contract provisions which gave JCI big money and little incentive to do the public’s bidding.

He now works for the City and reminded me that just after he had started work the Chamber of Commerce tried to get him fired.

The villain in this story is a former student of mine the upbeat and charming Andy Peterson. Andy and I always got along well. He had been in my classes years ago when I taught in Proctor. I was a disaster in those years but Andy recalled me with some charity for which I was grateful.

I ran across Andy ten years ago when he was the industrious brains and legs behind a West End business group. He recruited me to build snow sculptures in West Duluth for a few years before he started work at the Chamber which quickly put him to work in politics to strong arm politicians. I was chagrined to run across folks who had little use for him.

Perhaps the lowest thing he did was go the city to ask who in the Hell had hired a Red Plan critic and encouraging them to fire the same. I don’t blame the fellow I had coffee with for deciding that running for the School Board might be a tad too nasty for his taste. He still had his job.

By now I’ve put together quite a little catalogue of similar actions by the Red Planners. Too bad they didn’t put more of their industry into our schools but I guess that’s hard to do when presented with such a gravy train.

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