Mark Dayton won public office by saying he wanted to raise the taxes on millionaires. Granted, he only won a plurality of the vote but never mind. It turns out a majority of Minnesotans think this is a good idea. (Meaning a majority of Minnesotans disagree with their GOP legislators)

I personally don’t like picking on Millionaires. I would prefer that everybody who can afford it should pay more without picking on the rich.

Still, its worth remembering that we aren’t taxing million dollar incomes at the 90% rate like we were in Eisenhower’s Era. And just who is a millionaire anyway? I recall when I was a kid assuming that ownership of a million dollars of assets qualified one as a millionaire. That was the Era of $20,000 houses and you didn’t have to earn a million a year to be a millionaire. In fact, lots of frugal folks who saved seriously became millionaires despite having never earned large incomes. People like that would never have paid Dayton’s taxes because their incomes would have fallen fall short of a million a year.

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