Giving Sullivan his due

As Minnesotans ponder whether to vote for against a Constitutional Amendment enshrining heterosexual unions of marriage I think this post of Andrew Sullivan’s is worth considering.

A little background.

Sullivan is gay. He’s a former Brit. He considers himself a “conservative” and regards the new crowd of GOP ideologues as anything but conservative. He wrote a book ten years ago arguing for letting homosexuals get married, Virtually Normal. This post comes from a gay kid who escaped Louisiana at about that time to attend college in a big eastern city. He read Sullivan’s book for a college class and another book by another gay author whose attitude was screw asking for marriage, we gays will never be accepted, lets just do what we want and to hell with the public’s disapproval.

This post is an almost stunned and reverential thank you to Sullivan for setting the bar for gays so much higher. I have to admit that ten years ago when I was running against Dougie Johnson for the State Senate and I advocated “civil unions” I would never have imagined a state legislature anywhere approving gay marriages within a decade. Its rather like the Apollo Program in its heart stopping swiftness.

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