My time sink goads me on abortion

This is an email I just received on a subject I’ve said little about of late:


Regarding abortion, maybe Republicans aren’t as out of step with their fellow humans as you seem to suggest.


I resolved a few days ago to stop endless tendentious email exchanges once I’d passed the “lets agree to disagree” point of any debate. However, this is the second reply I’ve composed but emailed to myself alone (and in this case posted to the blog). It would drive me nuts to ignore such email but it would drive me even nuttier to commence an endless circular exchange of repetitive emails. Emailing myself is a compromise for sanity.

I’ll still read interesting links sent to me and I did find the link in this email interesting and hopeful.

As the existing GOP keeps sealing itself behind a brick wall from the growing majorities of voters taking over the nation I expect that there will be other issues that will continue to turn the tide against the Grand Old Party. Sadly for a once proud Republican I’ve long agreed with many of these tide turning issues. But then, Republican Eleventh Amendment notwithstanding, I was just a RINO. Now I’m not.

Here’s the reply I emailed myself:

. . . I believe you are putting words in my mouth.

I have complained for years that the GOP hacks have made abortion a whip to win elections not to come up with sensible rules concerning abortion. A significant portion of the article you’ve sent me about the American public’s current attitude toward the procedure seems at odds with those Republican hacks, to wit:

“Forty-nine percent told Gallup they were pro-choice and 45 percent said they were pro-life, marking the first time since May 2008 that the percentage of Americans describing themselves to Gallup as pro-choice exceeded the percentage describing themselves as pro-life.
(Pro-life self-identification peaked in May 2009, when 51 percent told Gallup they were pro-life and 42 percent said they were pro-choice.)”

As for “out of step,” when 99.9% of GOP hacks insist on a virtual ban on all abortions but a near (and possibly growing) 49% majority of the public disagree, I take that as confirmation that the GOP hacks are grossly out of step.

I agree with the near majority. Regulation of abortion is far preferable to the antique notion that any female getting pregnant has a right to do with her fetus anything she wants at any time. Would that the GOP hacks saw the virtue in the near majority’s stand.


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