JCI could sell them air conditioners

I’m nearly done reading my fifth or sixth book on the lands “Down Under.” This one is a very nice accompaniment to In Tasmania and the two books I’ve just finished reading one on the flora and fauna of New Zealand and the other on the same topic about Australia. Its called Carniverous Nights. Its about a couple arm chair naturalists who got the yen to search for the recently extinct Tasmanian Tiger. There may have been a couple still alive when I was born in the 1950’s. Had the Tasmanian legislature not voted to put a 1 pound bounty on them in 1890 the last known one would not have died in a zoo in 1933.

I just finished reading a chapter on the River Styx a stream where the worlds tallest trees are being logged for paper pulp. The tallest trees no longer exist. One was measured at 470 feet tall which would be higher than the tallest red woods. Other smaller Eucalyptus Regnans exist but they are being mowed down to be replaced by tree farms. I may try to take a side trip to get a look at them when I’m there in a month’s time.

Immediately after finishing the chapter I hurried up to my computer and found this in my favorite blog. Its a three minute promo worth every second. Its about the Amazon. We could have cheaper hamburgers if we’re allowed to chop it down too. No doubt JCI could sell air conditioners to the ranchers.

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