Jack Benny Days – 39

A month and 9 days ought to be ominous for my slow flowering campaign. In fact at the end of yesterday I was feeling down. I was grateful no one had contributed $1,000 to my campaign like one person did two years ago because my stirring denunciation of Pete Stauber’s cowardice opened up his bank account. I was desperate for money so I made us of it and sought him out after the campaign to give him a couple of my card decks of snow sculptors. It was an embarrassingly modest thank you for what for me was an inordinate gift.

But this morning I read a column in the NY Times which kindled in me an idea that I suspect will upend this race if it goes as I hope it will. I think it will prompt a “fire sale” of my 512 remaining books and hopefully do the same for sales at Amazon and Kindle. Take a look at the piece and remember I am still listening to the book about Ft. Sumter. Its “Gettysburg’s Lost Cause Problem”

I’ll give myself the weekend to prepare for my fire sale. Today I’m supposed to vacuum our church while our custodian undergoes surgery and I’m supposed to compose an essay for the Duluth News Tribune and and and…..There are a lot of ands today. I will quickly add one more post to today’s line up. It perfectly fits in with my fire sale. I’m titling it after a quote that hit me between my eyes because it is so spot on for my firesale.

“How can you be a republican and eat breakfast with a black guy?” Check it out. Its a two minute listen.

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