This non plusses me too

In addition to Sunday liquor sales for Minnesota Senator Reinert will also introduce legislation to take the Aquarium monkey off the Duluth City Council’s back and put it on UMD’s back.

The Aquarium has soldiered along in part by competing against Duluth restaurants which host parties and receptions. It hasn’t exactly lived up to the initial hype as the world’s preeminent museum dedicated to telling the world about our Great Lakes. I think that getting UMD involved in the Aquarium is a good idea. I’m not sure that hiding the Aquarium’s shaky finances by transferring the responsibility for them to a state entity will improve the Aquarium. Maybe this transfer will help compensate Duluth for the loss of Local Governmental Aid.

I’ll bet that Roger’s former colleagues on the City Council would welcome this transfer if Roger should manage to accomplish it. It would be one less reminder of a City Council gamble that has yet to pay off.

Roger will apparently busy himself with minutia after unexpectedly finding himself in the State Senate’s minority after the DFL’s shellacking.

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