I’m non plussed

This is Senator Reinert’s second big promotion that I recall since he was elected to the State Senate. Sunday Liquor Sales. According to Roger it would provide Minnesota ten million dollars of revenue each year. The social good will be to free lazy people, including his large population of college age voters, from having to stock up on booze over the weekend.

My wife’s brother-in-law used to work in North Dakota where blue laws let him take the day off from his retail work on Sunday. He wasn’t all that religious but he appreciated the day of rest. I guess the freer access to booze seven days a week will steel back a little retail work from Wisconsin and boost Minnesota liquor sales taxes.

I’m sure that the big issue Roger campaigned about, fixing the six million state budget deficit, is still on his agenda. At ten million a crack Roger will have to come up with 600 similar solutions to solve Minnesota’s insolvency.

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