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One of my short conversations recently was with a fellow possible one of the two who questioned what the heck a “not your usual republican” was. I was polite and didn’t say the obvious… who is not in the cult.

Which ever fellow it was the one I had in mind gave me a lecture about how he was not addicted to the “main stream media.” That for Trumpers is the cult. It calls their methods into question and doubts the journalistic integrity of sources of news I’ve grown up with. Its 12:36 AM as I type this unable to sleep so I have to swat it away and do some French to turn off the dystopian America eating at my good sleeping habits.

When I grew up as a kid the people who bashed the news the most were southern politicians who hated the national news reporting on their racist policies because the truth was that their negroes were happy and it was all communist agitation that sent uppity “nigras” (their southern half racists pronunciation) to make their good nigras turn uncooperative………by registering to vote and other unsavory northern inspired things. In twenty years these southern democrats would all come to join the umbrella of the Republican Party en masse when Ronald Reagan became President in 1980 by telling the Ayatollahs of Iran to keep 500= American diplomats hostage in the US embassy until Reagan was sworn in as President.

So these old fashioned reporters of the truth are still regarded with distaste by Republican pols. Their favorite tactic today when talking to an NPR reporter is to talk a million million miles an hour over the reporter when the reporter asks follow up questions so they don’t have to answer the tough ones. In this they are acting just like the soviet era Russian spokesmen who did the same thing to ignore awkward questions.

So what are the trustworthy “Independent” news sources now? I’m not sure if Fox news is quite trusted after being excoriated by Trump for reporting that he lost the election in 2020. In any case Rupert Murdoch’s ever reaching tentacles controls the Wall Street Journal which hardly bends over backward to report awkward stuff about Trump. Murdoch’s man in the English media who was blamed for bugging celebrities phones to report trash about them is now on a tightrope at the Washington Post where Jeff Bezos has sent him to make the Post more profitable.

But beyond this what outlets might be considered “independent?” Do they include Trump’s Truth Social? This fellow didn’t mention them. Better to call them Independent. Perhaps they included EPOCH Times. I learned a couple days ago that this annoying Trumpy news source was owned by the Chinese Cult crushed by the Communist Chinese Fahlun Gong (spelling?). Great source. The newer newspaper the Washington Times which has a lot of annoying Trumpy content is owned by the Korean Christian cult called the Moonies when they came to the US in the Reagan Era and began mass marriages between Americans that the cult arranged between people who only met on the day of their marriage.

Perhaps the paint sniffers at Breitbart are. I just googled main stream media and got this list, which Brietbart barely makes.

1:01 now…..I think I can go back to bed.

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