Three big projects and lots else to keep me busy before I watch the eclipse

I’ll be back in a in a couple minutes. First I have to create a post for my Reader column this week.

OK. Now you can read my column in the next post if you follow its link.

So, I have three major tasks before I leave next week to travel to Texas to watch the eclipse at my sister-in-laws home.

1st. I have to build a snow sculpture. Yeah I want to save the world by getting elected to Congress to piss off and put all the liars, cheats and chickenshits to flight…..but Duluth has been waiting since my modest little Calvin and Hobbes snow sculpture melted a winter ago and we looked more like Kansas all winter. My wife isn’t sure I’ll pull it off. Its too cold so I’ll have to cook some snow. At least there is plenty of it. To be timely it has to be done by Saturday night.

2. I have to edit a book. I had ten copies printed out and while its primary parts are mostly in good order because as old Reader Columns I worked out most of the bugs before they were published all the segue and filler and stuff in between was hastily written to tie it together. It really is a raison bread sandwich. If my ten readers are non-plussed I’ll either scratch the book and the campaign or delay it until it meets my expectations. But really. Read my column this week and tell me you wouldn’t love to see me scaring the bejesus out of all the Republicans grifters with the ghost of Lincoln.

3. I’ve got to write a column for my next Reader article tomorrow. I had one in mind but it will be put off a week. I’ll need all day tomorrow to squeeze it in. And I have a housebound pal who I’m going to play chess with during my writing time tomorrow morning. I’ll get it done. Its a column that screams to be published and it stems from things happening here in Duluth as well as the wider circle of American politics.

Now I have to fart around with the Library of Congress to try to get a number for my book before publication. I have been working on it more off than on for two weeks and now my password and username are in doubt. It brings to mind a new sentence Duolingo has taught me in French. Mon chien a fait un crotte. “My dog made a poop.”

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