Countdown 65 days post cicadas and the Citadel

Its a beautiful day ahead and time for me to kick signage into a little higher gear. Perhaps I can hit 100 signs today. That will leave me with 400 to go which I suspect is more than needed for now in Duluth as people are already telling me they’ve seen a lot of them. I have chess with a friend at 2 and I will ask Claudia to retire our hour of Great British baking show reruns to supplant it with thirty minutes of listening to the book I mentioned riding home listening to yesterday. The link takes you to a column from some years ago when I encourage Democrats to be nice rather like Michlle Obama’s advice to “when they go low…” Except for me as a Republican I need to go as hard, if not as low, as they come to shake some sense into the GOP.

Which leads me to his story from the New York Times about a kid from the Citidel who pulled a Vyle Rittenhouse to get out of being punished for the deaths of Washington DC police on January 6 to discovering he was a patriot after all for an upcoming election. Sorry, you will have to get into the NY Times site which requires a subscription.

That stuck in my craw because the cadets of the South Carolina military academy were among the first who fired on Fort Sumter. I heard that story again yesterday driving north to Duluth.

South Carolina has such a wretched history where race is concerned and I must say I’m increasingly unimpressed with their black Republican Senator Tim Scott. A few years back before Trump I saw a sympathetic story about him as a new Senator finding that the Capital’s antique elevator operators were disinclined to let him take the expedited elevators with other US Senators because he was black and obviously not senate material.

So on a lighter note I couldn’t upload my cicada pics yesterday so I’ll try again now with new ones from the sunny dry morning that followed our Saturday drenching in Lake Geneva. It was rather magical and I’m sure a lot less buggy than reports coming from Illinois this morning where the bugs are overwhelming.



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