71 days test post

Resource limit reached…..I hate that phrase. I’m trying to fix it now with the help of my techie grandson. I discovered the delays were shorter if I only tapped once to get in.

This is what I was able to do when my lawnsign was returned:


Today was 70 days to the primary. I put up a couple signs on Park Point and one person who declined a sign sent me a nice check. I learned that in the past three campaigns I got close to 10% of the vote with almost no campaigning on the Republican side. That was before Trump was convicted of 34 felonies. The eighth district is still mostly rural and red but I’ve had a strong sense from the ease of putting up lawnsigns that there is a sentiment for change and a lot of people see it in me.

A post on Facebook about that quoted my tough talk about traitor Stauber got very agreeable reactions although from a self selected group that I would have expected to be friendly.

Yesterday moments before filings closed I got a call to explain that Jen Schultz would not be challenged in her primary. I was thrilled. Two years ago John Munter ran against her and as a candidate even though he is unendorsed unsupported by a party and largely unknown he will discourage democrats from voting in the Republican primary. If he struck lightening he could defeat Jen Schultz. Although theoretically possible that won’t happen. Just the anti Trump democrats who would feel like they were crushing gooey cockroaches between their teeth voting Republican will be enough to give Jen the primary win.

A couple weeks ago I called John up and drove out to bucolic Warba, Minnesota, to meet him and try to dissuade him from filing. His mother attended my church when we first moved to town and it paid John’s way through seminary. He has since become Russian Orthodox and this is a rather unorthodox man in the conventional American sense. But he must have been hanging back because he added his name to the ballot afterall.

Yesterday I woke to discover that the big Jabba sign in my front yard had been purloined. I put up a huge cardboard sign and woke to discover the original had been returned.

More significant than the 70 days to the primary at the moment are the 17 days until Grandma’s Marathon. I’ve been lobbying Claudia to visit the Cicada explosions to our south for several months almost as hard as I pressed to see the solar eclipse in Texas. We will take our grandson on a two and a half day excursion to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin over the weekend just after he finishes school to check out the Cicadapalooza they are having there. That gives me two days before I go and 13 days after I get back to put up lawn signs like mad. This one man is going to make the City of Duluth believe he has an army behind him. At the moment they are waiting to vote. But the more signs the see the more donations I will get. So far I know of two kindle book purchases and today I got my first two notices from Paypal of contributions to my yellow button. The more signs the more donations the safer Congress will be from Donald Trump’s vengeance if I’m in the Congress with all those spineless Republicans fearful of losing and obedient to the cult.

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