Ridding the GOP of its parasites

I have a few saving graces.

1. I am too lazy to tell lies because explaining them away when they are discovered takes too much effort.

2. My mother told me many times when I was little that I shouldn’t cry because my grandfather was shot and he didn’t cry. As a result I am inclined not to cower in fear.

3. I read a lot of history. A lot of it, every day for several hours since I was very young. Or I watch history programs. The best program I’ve seen in the past couple days was an episode of American Masters about the Nobel laureate Toni Morrison. I watched it with Claudia, my wife, who has read every one of Morrison’s novels about the black experience few of which have any reference to white lives. And yet the lives of her black characters have suffered like George Floyd in the dregs that white America has left for black America. Her first short novel, The Bluest Eye, is about a dark black child’s obsession with having something white, blue eyes. Her novel, Beloved, is about a mother who so cherishes her children that she slits their throats before they are captured and returned to slavery by white slavers.

I have read none of these books! I read history. And the history is so much worse. That is why, if I believed in God, I would pray to have the Republican Party utterly smashed at the polls this year for allowing itself to become the toy of an ignorant, race-baiting child like Donald Trump.

I was vaccinated against racism because of the reparation white politicians inflicted on the white South but were too cowardly to enforce – integrated public schools. Mild mannered, semi-segregated Kansas was an exception. It accepted integration. Back in 1957, when I was in second grade, the black children from segregated Buchanan elementary school walked to my school carrying their chairs stacked with their books to Loman Hill Elementary School. I watched them from the top the jungle gym in the playground where I had been sent while they were ushered into their new integrated school.

For the next five years I was vaccinated against racism. That doesn’t mean I was free from it. Until I was about 40 my little liberal heart fretted that there might be some reason to worry that black Americans were intellectually inferior to other races. I am a few months shy of turning 70 as I write this and I have had thirty years of absolute confidence that this is pure bullshit. I know better know based on the evidence of my eyes and my deep study of history. But there are people who still believe this codswallop and there are people who want the uninformed to believe it. It is the codswallop that defeated slave owners wanted the rest of America to believe after they renamed slavery Jim Crow and deprived their black citizens of oxygen just like George Floyd.

White race pimps, like Rush Limbaugh, want White America to believe that anemic solutions for 400 years of white persecution are unconstitutional advantages that hurt white people. They have succeeded in making black people suffer for a few stabs at Affirmative Action. Its no surprise that such people are bent out of shape at the prospect of paying 30 million black Americans reparations for 400 years of legally enforced misery. Rush Limbaugh has become fabulously rich with his race baiting white propaganda. He is the soul of today’s Republican Party.

Race pimps took over the Grand Old Party. They spent the years after the Civil Rights movement dragging their feet to prevent black America from proving itself. After the Democratic Party’s southerners Harry Truman integrated the Armed Forces and Lyndon Johnson integrated everything else the race pimps joined the once hated “Party of Lincoln.” It worked, and Ronald Reagan’s Republicans were glad to have them. They helped the Republican Party win elections.

They were like the ant parasite that needs the ant to be eaten by a bird in order to reproduce and be shat out for other ants to collect. Once in the ant they invade its brain and force it to climb a stalk of grass where a bird can find it mindlessly waiting to be eaten. That is why Donald Trump’s zombie-like corruption of the Party of Lincoln merits destruction.

My modest hope is that after the Republican phoenix turns to ash I can help it rise again. Abraham Lincoln’s body needs some peace. He’s been rolling in his grave for far too long.


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