There’s no such thing as a stupid question

But there is such a thing as a stupid answer.

The DNT Editorial Board avoids offering an answer by saying nothing. It gives us the question. “Is [the] Red Plan to blame for [the] district[‘]s deficit?” The Editors do however characterize the complaints of those watching their public school system melt like the Wicked Witch after being drenched with a red tide as: “fever-pitch venom.”

Published January 27 2011
Our view: Is Red Plan to blame for districtÂ’s deficit?
The question gets spit out every time the Duluth school district hits a bump in the financial road. With news this week that the districtÂ’s budget deficit for next year had climbed another $1 million to more than $7.3 million, fever-pitch venom could be expected to accompany the inquiry.

There is much in this editorial to excite a fever-pitch in me. For three years the DNT has never acknowledged that it was in error when it let the School District inform us that Gary Glass lied about how much JCI would be paid. For the past six months it has failed to acknowledge that it swallowed Dr. Dixon’s whopper about a $32 million pot-o-gold under Dr. Dixon’s Red Rainbow.

In this our “newspaper” is not unlike a politician caught in a lie, John Edward’s for instance, denying that he’d fathered a love child. They’re not big enough to admit their complicity in the public’s fleecing, no matter how unwitting it was.

I plan to respond to this editorial later after I attend to some more serious business. I’ve got to work on my Mother’s taxes and that pile of snow outside my front door has been crying for some sculpting since December. When I do respond I hope I can spit it out without too much venom.

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