For me its fixing America not winning a damned election…….

I’m not feeling so rushed today but still on such hurried days I’ll go back to the time signatures to suggest how fast I’m working to drain a swamp filled with alligators. I’m about to put up the sign my collegiate neighbors said I could put up for the last three weeks of their lease but first I wanted to put something in the blog. Yesterday my readership just about doubled. I want to keep my diminished fans coming back and I want to attract new fans. I don’t have anyone yet, maybe never will, to proof read these posts. God knows, I know. I’m a furious proof reader when I want to put something in print but I’m pretty casual here on the blog.

I’ve had five pretty good night’s sleeps in a row. I’ve got a ton to do to pull off a “miracle” and I may not pull one off but for the first time in my congressional chasing career I have every confidence that I’m putting together a pretty compelling case to be put into Congress and I see the means to get that idea into the heads of the necessary 200,000 voters by August 15th.

Here are the biggest images I can offer online of the two lit pieces I will be passing out for the next three weeks as I lobby neighbors to put my monster lawnsigns in their yards along Duluth’s busiest streets.

I am offering the biggest versions I can of the back side of my literature from two years ago in red white and blue because I was desperate to mail it to all 200,000 voters. I still have at least 5,000 of them because I hate wasting precious resources and this piece shows what a God nose-thumbing, jackass Pete Stauber is…..Sorry, I’m not using even more appropriate foul language to describe the traitor. I have standards.

The other is a much more light-hearted piece that I decided at the last minute to put at the end of my book. I include it with two ironic takes on “life in these United States.” The quotes surround the page that I hurried to every month when my Grandmother’s gift subscription to the Reader’s Digest came to my mailbox. I was an avid reader of that testament to literary abridgment.

You can only see the piece I’m referring to near the bottom of this piece. It’s “Welcome to College Andrew.” It was published in the Reader 15 years ago and when my older grandson read it I explained to him how the baby in it was him. Its all about stupid youthful drunkness which I’ve had a front row seat to watch for the last 37 years in my house on the heavily traveled route to two Duluth colleges. I think I wrote two posts ago that I wanted to see how college students would take it as it points out one of the awkward youthful excesses of collegiate life. I was told it showed I cared about college kids. That’s good enough for me.

I’ve sacrificed a lot of my April for family. I took an eclipse trip to visit in-laws and the eclipse and I spent a week visiting my son and daughter in law and their sweet daughter BUT I STILL GOT MY BOOK FINISHED AND TO THE PRINTERS.

For the next three and a half months I only have one more diversion. In the next week or two I will travel down to see the trillions of cicadas in their 13 and 17 year explosions. Then it will be three solid months campaigning. I still have some challenges. My wife sacrifice the second car I need to travel the third of the state of Minnesota covered by the Eighth Congressional District and I hope to have that paid for by book sales. I’ve got to start hawking them like mad.

I think readers across the nation will see my homely little anecdotes as those of someone like them who is not a slave to politics or a dittohead or someone who papers over his faults with BS. I’m a goddamned grown up with a wicked sense of both humor and justice.

Now I will put publish for this piece, put up another lawnsign and then come back to start cleaning up my PayPal, checking accounts and figure out how to upload my book to Kindle where people across the world will be able to buy it for five dollars. I even hope to use AI to translate a version of it into French and sell it there. I just hope the massive picture file is automatically compressed into a size that will fit cell phones…….But which can be enlarged by the curious to see much of what they contain.

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