10:22AM I very much liked putting the time signatures on the 20 minute post I added yesterday. The signatures (like 10:22AM) suggest the urgency of my SO FAR one man (“party of one”) campaign to defeat Republicanish Trump schmoozer Pete Stauber from the Congress.

10:24 Gosh that took two minutes to write will all the elipses. Today I’m not in quite so much a rush so I’ll probably spend more time composing this largely un proofed message to bots and a few visitors. Perhaps if I draw enough attention like I did when I was working to raise a $100,000 bond to take Johnson Controls and the Duluth School Board to court for stealing our right to vote I’ll have thousands of people turning in to follow the progress of my crusade……Got to mow down those windmills.

10:27 I still have a good weeks worth of behind the scenes internet crap to do. I have to create a second button for selling my paperbacks. At present I only have two book like facsimiles and it will be near the end of May before I can take them door to door to show people. As soon as I have collected $25.00 each for the first 200 of my 500 first editions I will order a much larger printing – perhaps 2,500 of them…..if I keep selling them I’ll keep printing more.

I am hoping to sell them nation-wide on kindle to the millions of Lincoln admiring Republicans who despair that Michael Cohen like drudges like Pete Stauber have taken over the party of Lincoln. I can imagine Pete paying off Stormy Daniels only to have Trump stiff him for the costs.

So yesterday when I rushed off with so much left to explain these are the campaign related things I finished my day with:

1. I took advantage of a one day window of sun to paint the rusty rebar I cut two years ago for my large billboards. For the foreseable future – to the August 13th – primary they should no longer be a nightmare to clean off or haul around. As I intend to spend the next three weeks putting them up all over my neighborhood that will be a blessing. They are a big enough heading being so darned big.

I have a designer working on a typical vinyl sign that are a third the size and which I can put up very easily. I’ve put up 1,000 of them for previous campaigns solo but perhaps by the time I’ve stirred up enough waves I’ll have more help.

2. I finished that job and tucked them away before it began raining and then went over to my college neighbors on 21st where an end of college party was underway. I took them half a dozen of my new flyers to offer me advice on whether they would offend college kids. Half the flyer is an old column of mine about college parties in my neighborhood. It was a Reader column published 13 years ago called Welcome to College Andrew. It was about the drunk kids who used to wander over to my house. The girls told me that in fact it didn’t seem anti kid because I was worried and tried to save a couple drunk ones in my altruistic past. I’ll take that. And one young lady showed me two spelling mistakes. My new autocorrect changed Cloquet to Croquet and I put a space between girlfriend….girl friend. I told her I could use a good proof reader but she wasn’t an English major. Too bad.

In the evening my grandson invited us out to watch a friends band in the Homegrown Concert. I hadn’t been to one of the venues since my son was in a band called Sight like December. My ears need some protection from earlier years of standing too close to amps. My grandson’s friend had a composition about Trump’s 34 Stormy Daniel counts for possibly breaking the law.

And that reminds me of the last campaign related thing I did. I wrote my column for next week’s Reader about of all people Trump. The bright minds of the news keep suggesting to me that no matter how loathsome the Courts paint Trump he’s setting himself up to become America’s dictator when he rallies all the people who have been pissed off by liberals…….like me.

Heavens, I’ll crap myself.

Any way I wrote a column about Donald Trump as a leader of a lynch mob. This morning I realized my suggested image of a Trump tower was very, very lame…

So I found the full page add of his lynching advert and discovered it was (as a whole) protected by copyright law. So I chopped up the two signature indications of his racism, which the text downplays, and hope I got it sent off to the Reader’s Editor in time to crown the column next thursday. This is the image:


Of course I have more to write but when I saved this I got a message saying that my blog was so full of stuff that I had to be kicked off for a while. That’s not how it was put of course but that’s how I took it. That was at:

10:55 and now its 11:09

I have some big tasks ahead involving Paypal, Kindle, collecting taxes on book sales and finding a techie to help me with what’s creeping beyond my internet coping skills. I may offer the job to my grandson on the promise that if I sell sufficient books I could pay him later. He’s inclined to help me for free now but to my mind that’s not sustainable. Besides. Keeping track of W-2 earnings will one more challenge to this non business savvy blogger and politician. I could also use a lawyer for campaign law although Donald Trump is proving a wonderful example how following the law is a fool’s game.

So with that I will sign out.

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