As Trump gets more senile his Trump cult gets more senile and that’s a problem for the sociopaths who have enriched themselves in the GOP

I explained in yesterday’s post that even if the Nikki Haley I voted for in the GOP primary was to be the candidate for President I would vote for Joe Biden. This morning she proved exactly why I would never vote for her. Like everybody clinging to Trump’s coatail as he gives more evidence of dementia they are stuck with the cult he has groomed to take over the Republican Party. They are stuck with these voters who let Trump do the thinking for them. They (the Trump clingers) have invested a lifetime putting themselves in a position to advance in the GOP and now it is a zombie army of people not used to thinking for America very competently. They do think competently for themselves. They feel, with some justice, that they’ve been neglected and Trump tapped into this simmering anger better than any other politician in my lifetime. They (The Zombie Trump Cult) love him despite the rude awakening they are trying to postpone. That awakening will be that what all the liberals; the terrible, terrible liberals have been saying about Trump is…..No No No don’t say it…….Ah tough shit! I’ll say it.

Trump is a confidence man of extraordinary determination. He has raised himself so high that he has only one way to go and that is DOWN. He began the descent before 2020 when he desperately muffed the Covid test that would have challenged a boring President. But we couldn’t be sure of his fall until the actual results of the 2020 election proved the polls right. He lost and he knew from those polls and his poll watching grifters he was in big trouble. So at least half a year before the election he began plotting to stay in office by preparing his cult to expect massive voter fraud which simply hasn’t existed in the US for a generation or two. Kennedy was probably the last president to win with its help back in 1960 and it was mostly limited to two states – Illinois and Texas.

If he had trouble then his asking for an overthrow of Congress cemented what I pray will be his final undoing. A few of the Republicans who survived repeated purges of independent thinking in the GOP over the last fifty years had serious second thoughts about shitting on the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and Abraham Lincoln. Nikki Haley never really did that. Lynn Cheney did. Nikki hedged her bets. Even now she is hoping to pick up the pieces after another Trump fiasco in 2024. That anyone would consider her a great courageous patriot is a laugh. Even so I’m glad she tormented Trump for a few months. This is a case where the old proverb “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” has its use.

And Trump is in decline. Even a sociopath (a fancy term for someone who lies effortlessly without guilt) will have problems when he can’t keep his lies straight. Is his fight with Obama or Biden…….

And Trump wants fentynol and rapist immigrants to spread accross America to help him win the next election. Take a listen to Romney on the Morning Joe.

As for the claim that immigrants are voting it has Republicans exercised. At the recent GOP caucuses one participant told us that the granting by the Minnesota legislature of drivers licenses to illegal aliens was to harvest their illegal votes. Hell only 16% of Minnesota’s voter bothered to cast a vote in yesterday’s first Minnesota Presidential primary since poor old Hubert Humphrey lost out in 1960. (if memory serves me) Why would an illegal who has enough problems court disaster by voting in an election that even many Americans feel are a waste of time because their one vote isn’t exactly like going to Elon Musk looking for billions to prop up your campaign as Trump just did?

What the Republican FBI guy said about Biden is even more true of Trump. A jury will see Trump as an old guy grown harmless after his fall even though, unlike Biden, Trump’s motives have always been crass, amoral, greedy and ignorant of Lincoln’s assurance that “you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Trump will may escape jail but in time he will only be left with a rump Trump core of perhaps 10% of the truly deluded.

All of these thoughts percolated in my head this morning after a hard fought good night’s sleep. I like blogging about them as I organize my thoughts for my Reader articles and now the book which is quickly taking shape. And today as I type this last sentence I’m getting a very early start. Its only 8:55. I should have a full day’s writing with a one our break at lunch to watch another Great British Baking show with Claudia to clear my mind for the afternoon’s work. TTFN

By the way. Its now 9:33. It occurred to me that at least one pass at editing was warranted in this post. That’s still a lot less than I do to clean up my columns for the Reader.

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