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Now that I have begun posting on my blog again my french pen pal has returned to it to improve her english despite my often poor and hasty proof reading.

She sent me my own words from this old Not Eudora column about my lack of enthusiasm for returning to the School Board in 2004 when I filed for reelection in a huff over all the East Hockey Dad’s threatening my election because I didn’t think crapping on kids on the back benches was all that cool no matter if East collected lots of State Hockey Championship berths.

Little did I know that my replacement would prove to be as nasty to people attending School Board meetings as he accused my school board of being to him……nastier in fact.

This is in the column.

I visit two civics classes at East High. I tell the students I’m not sure I really want to stay on the school board. In one class I notice a globe suspended from the ceiling. I ask if anyone knows the story of Hercules and Atlas, who held the world on his shoulders. I pull the teacher’s stool over under the globe climb up on it and place myself under the globe. I tell the class that, like Atlas, I’m tired of having itchy trees growing up through my toes and not being able to scratch them. I tell them that Tom Hustad, my challenger, could be my Hercules. In the myth Atlas asks Hercules to hold up the earth for a few minutes while he scratches his toes. Hercules obliges but discovers that Atlas is in no great hurry to resume his burden.

All she did was send a smile emoji.

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