Garbage in, Garbage out – for real this time

Art Johnston noticed a couple figures in the millions in the Auditor’s report that didn’t make sense. The Trib’s education reporter noticed some of them too. So last week Art called me up on Wednesday with the news that the Auditor had made a two million dollar error in her spiffy little report to the Duluth School Board. That’s when I first typed up this post’s headline. Its the familiar old line about what you get out of computers – “garbage in, garbage out.” Maybe you can guess where I’m going with this………


I’m unimpressed with the work of the State Auditor. I was in high dudgeon when I began this post last week. Learning that the Auditor put actual numbers in the wrong columns and signed the mistake did little to improve my attitude. But I told Art Johnston recently that I’m inclined to err on the side of even handedness. To that end I was pleased to read the Zenith City Weekly’s take on the Auditor’s report which came out tonight after the School Board meeting. I’m very impressed. First with Jennifer Martin-Romme’s understanding of our finances and second by her ability to explain them. There is nothing about the Auditor’s report to lend any credit to the pro Red Plan side. Her story is a measured story.

I do have much to report about tonight’s school board meeting and Chair Miernicki’s huffy claim that he is simply following the example of two of the nation’s most popular politicians, Congressman John Boehner and Senator Harry Reid. But I’ll beg off tonight. I came home to news that one of my Grandson’s good friends, aged six, is the young boy who was killed when he rode his bicycle into a car a couple days ago. Its the sort of news that puts things in perspective. For tonight I’ll let the Zenith speak for me.

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