Deep State < Deep Pockets < Dark Money

I woke up dreaming about that and felt I had to immediately write about that. My next thoughts > I don’t have time to blog it. I don’t blog anymore. I study French two or three hours a day now instead. (I was practicing chiffres the other day) I’m writing weekly again in the Duluth Reader. Some rich Duluthian gave the Reinert Campaign $40 grand so deep pockets have been unleashed locally. We have no damn newspaper in town. I have a plan to challenge any Republican group – “republican” with quotation marks to debate me on the subject of: Is Donald Trump our greatest President ever of the dumbest one? while pointing out to them that our (their) congressman Pete Stauber is too chicken to dare debate me or anybody else on the subject. I think they should be called the “Vermin debates.” To Jon Krakauer is one heck of a writer glad I picked up his book “Into the Wild” from the lit class I substituted in Thursday and Friday. Gosh these chocolate covered dried banana slices are pretty good and almost a decent substitute for the malted milk balls that Mt. Royal was out of the other day when I walked their because Claudia took the car to take our grandson to a concert in the Twin Cities.

But like I said I have French a new Reader column and Into the Woods to finish so it will all have to wait. I have a million things to write…..all over my office which is spilling over with stuff to write……like how paranoid rational Republicans were about students voting when I was still a student at Mankato State in 1972…..lots of stuff like that

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