An Easy Choice

I have 3 Reader columns in and the first showed up today. The online version does not use the picture I sent in. It may be because I submitted it into the text and they found another one that was easier to use. That’s too bad because it was a picture that spoke volumes….as in being worth a thousand words.

I will write about it more soon and include the picture I submitted. At the end of this I will add the link.

I am in Colorado at the moment visiting my new grandaughter. I brought my computer but only now plugged it in. Not working. Darn. So I am posting from my cellphone. I ‘ve been doing yard work instead. Yards here get full of hardy dryland weeds. They are no fun.

Critters and plants are like the ones I grew up with in Kansas at the same latitude. There are trees of heaven all over. They are beautiful but essentially they are a weed tree.they stink too but their chemical odor may be stronger in the Spring. I don’t recall seeing any katydids in Duluth but there was one on my son’s Ponderosa pine. I showed it to my granddaughter. My son said she looked unimpressed. He felt the same way about cicadas. I said her face had chemistry written all over it. He’s a chemist.

Here’s my column:

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