Snow day for me

I woke a couple days ago with an idea for a new snow sculpture. I had taken the flag down from my Iwo Jima sculpture a few days earlier when it no longer was worthy of a flag. It was however a bulwark of snow I could use for my latest inspiration. I just had to figure out where to cut it and move snow to make my new creation. There is what looks like a wall falling on the clay sculpture I made of the men on Iwo Jima. It shows the side to the house I never really made because no one sees it. To figure out how to properly space the men from the original photo and the men as they were posed for the Marine memorial in Washington DC which is significantly different I had to roughly place the hidden men from the photo. It was a challenge for the sculptor who had to deduce the men’s placement from the photo. I found an image which shows where the hidden men were and I also had the original sculptors work to use. I put my men in hastily just to get a rough idea of how to pose the visible men.

For the sculptor today I needed to figure out where the uplifted top of a grand piano would fall on the existing snow in my front yard. That’s the wall you see apparently crushing the original sculptor. To put it at the proper angle much of the soldiers would have to be shaved away.

Yesterday I took advantage of the warm snow which will condemn the next sculpture to a two day lifespan to figure out how the car side view would look. This is it.

This is a Valentines Day sculpture. I have placed a lot more snow on the bench in front of a piano to show the composer I’m honoring Burt Bacharach. He cranked out tons of pop love melodies when I was in high school and college. When I finish by the end of the day I hope I’ll have a sculpture that will be recognizable as a big valentine that will last through tomorrow. Valentines Day is coincedentally the one year anniversary of my heart attack last year.

I piled snow in front of a my grand piano in a rough approximation of a piano player planning on spending today finding Burt Bacharach in it. I found a lot of photos of him but discovered that all of them were posed from the other side of a Piano. To put him in today’s sculpture, or rather tomorrow’s sculpture, I had to reverse the image.

Gosh its already 1 O’Clock so I’ll have to get started on it. Then I’ll see if I can’t pipe a little Dionne Warwick to it for Valentines Day.

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