Extraordinary Attorney Woo

We have found a lot of things to enjoy on television recently (we = my better half and me). Among them is the Korean contribution to Netflix the Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

I have been searching for French English translations so much that when I googled it just now I got a French site which explained:”98 % des utilisateurs ont aimé ce programme TV” This means that 98% of French speakers evaluating the series liked it. We do too.

It is about a young Korean woman who is both autistic and a legal savant. You will have to read subtitles to watch it but Claudia and Ihave been doing a lot of that in French since I began trying to learn the language.

Today South Korea is in the news for the 150 young people who were crushed to death in a Halloween celebration in Seoul’s narrow streets. The series gives you a vert relatable sense for young urban Koreans lawyers and it is a surprise hit. A couple nights ago its decency made me all teary yet again. Its as predictably tear inducing for me as Call the Midwives. We are near the end of the first season and I’ve been pleased that new story lines keep getting introduced to make the unorthodox premise a joy to watch.

On the last show an imposing legal opponent of the series hero made the observation that people change their views when money is involved. This was just after she gutted our hero’s legal strategy. Then in an unexpected twist the same point was made by our heroine when she turned the tables on her adversary. It was very clever.

Another show about lawyers we’ve watched through the Covid era is The Good Fight. It began as a fight against Trump era craziness which really appealed to us and now its bouncing off other walls in a most entertaining way. And last night PBS showed me three series in a row all science and history related that I found very interesting. The first was a program on woodpeckers and their help keeping forests diverse, the second was new analysis of the famous Nazca lines in Peru and the last was about Egyptian hieroglyphics.

With all that to soak up and my books about the theft of a continent from Native Americans its hard to keep up my enthusiasm for the momentary sinking fortunes of defenders of Democracy as the Republicans seemed poised to take over Congress and kill my grandchildren’s future by aborting Earth. This is just a momentary funk but at least there is some good TV watching to deaden the pain.

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