Article: Volcanic trigger of ocean deoxygenation during Cordilleran ice sheet retreat – article to be found here.

I only skimmed this story. Its been a long while since posted a sciency story about climate change on the blog because I feel like a person floating in quicksand afraid that being active will pull me under. But I keep doomscrolling climate news. Like the evaporation not just of the Colorado River but of the Mighty Mississippi. And now voters are about to hand over America’s government for the next two years to the climate deniers because they have have fallen back on the old reliable campaign tactic of scaring voters about black people and crime.


So while it will take a couple hundred years to melt all of Greenland’s ice cap one consequence will be pulling a massive mile high thick cork off of volanoes which will erupt vast quantities of iron bearing ash into the ocean leading to superoxidation leading to over use of oxygen and then a oxygen deprived ocean thus to more massive pressures on ocean denizens to what end…..Nothing good for 8 billion land lubbers who are pulling record amounts of fish out of the ocean while dumping record amounts of plastic in the ocean.

Another climate story from yesterday estimates that the average blue whale consumes 96 pounds of micro plastic every day. If I were a whale I’d probably beach myself too.

At least whales don’t have gills.

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