My take on the Schultz Stauber Debate

That Pete Stauber is largely a cypher (that’s an old timey description of a nothing burger) was more and more evident as the 40 minute debate wore on. I’ve never seen Jen Schultz in this sort of arena before and at first she was a little tentative but Pete only shot blanks. The next day Duluth News Tribune fact checking pointed out Stauber’s misleading accusations and prevarications which Schultz was able to brush aside despite only having a minute at a time.

The following exchange was about the native American reservations which were all grouped together in the 8th this year in a change that actually stole about 2 percentage points from the Trump margin in 2020. You can catch my poor camerawork and see how rattled Pete looked toward the end of the debate as he had to actually craft answers to questions put to him instead of relying on the nonsense talking points his campaign sends out. More on that in the next post. Schultz sounds confident and makes a good point about working with Native Americans here.

Jen more than held her own and her confidence came through something I wondered about until last night.

If you are interested in all 40 minutes of the Debate Watch it here.

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