News Headlines

Once again I bow to the impossibility of pointing out all the horrors in the news.

The two previous posts don’t seem like much work. But both took a couple hours to put together. There was reading the news. linking to them on the blog. Writing a little commentary on them. When I was finished there were so many other headlines left on the cutting room floor it was like the millions of cats I just wrote about in my latest Reader column.

The only habit I’ve forced myself to follow daily for any length of time is French on Duolingo and extra French. That habit is about five years old and in this one spot my determination has been noteworthy. That I still feel terribly deficient in French…..compared to my confident 71 years with English is disappointing. Will I ever be able to read Democracy in America. Yeah probably but it will likely be like a third grader reading a translation of Copernicus translated into the common language.

I just noted that the new headlines titles I used both missed the mark and so I changed them a few minutes ago to “News Headlines…”

I have been meaning to rough draft my next Reader column all week but now I’m down to today to do both a rough draft and a final version. Last weeks Millions of Cats was last minute and reading it in the Reader yesterday I way I repeated myself a couple times. If I’d had another day I’d have cleaned it up.

So today I’ll put a couple things on the blog and, if I know what’s good for my writing, I’ll stick to cranking out another column. It might be about Pete Stauber’s latest email to his supporters. I get them because I’m on the rolls of GOP precinct caucus attenders. He doesn’t write them but I’m sure he signs off on them since he needs to know what is being attributed to him as he goes out campaigning. And I’ll also put the video I just shot of all the crap taken out of Mara Lago by the FBI. Then, if I also get a column written I can do some more thinking about lending a hand to removing a smug treasonous congressman from our Congress……

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