9 percent

Last night Trib reporter Jimmy Loverin sent me an email for my thoughts on the election well before it was over with. I was glad to see my comments in today’s Duluth News Tribune story.

“What I have put in my blog is important for voters to consider and Pete Stauber is the wrong person for us to send to Congress. If he is reelected I will watch him closely and am prepared to run against him again if he continues to deny the truth and threaten our Democracy,”

I wish I had found the money to send my letter to all 280,000 registered voters in Minnesota’s 8th District. I only raised the funds to send it to 3,500 of Duluth’s voters. I wouldn’t have won but I could have planted my doubts about Stauber in more heads.

In the old days it was traditional for losing candidates to say something nice to the winners. That was when candidates were expected to be polite. That was the days before Trump and before politicians like Stauber could pretend they were blind about Trump’s attempted overthrow of our presidential election. I feel little charity to what I consider “treason light.”

I saw Pete’s facebook page where he bemoaned the FBI’s retrieval of stolen document from Mara Lago by Donald Trump. How dare they act like law enforcement officers. Which reminds me of this headline today showing up in many news sources:

“Trump Takes the Fifth”

So let me just take the words out of the last President’s mouth:

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