Turning the lights out

I’ve been typing for the past couple weeks with an old DNT editorial by my side. Its the hogwash editorial about the supposed $32 million dollars of mad money that Dr. Dixon told the Trib the School Board would soon get to spend because of all the savings on the Red Plan. Sure, and that’s why they scheduled a discussion of a four-day week for a school board meeting.

This has been one of the phoney balloney lies Dr. Dixon has gotten the Trib to print since the public began to realize he preferred to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. He softened up the minority community before gutting their magnet schools by falsely claiming to have learned all about racism from a fictional black college roommate. When Gary Glass found out from Kerry Leider that JCI got what Leider honestly termed a “generous contract” that could lead JCI to earning thirty millions of dollars Leider later told Trib reporter Sarah Horner he never said any such thing. Then (are you reading this Sue Torgerson?) at the lawsuit against the giveaway contract for JCI a document fell into our attorney’s hands showing a proposal JCI sent to Mr. Leider explaining that they expected to earn in the neighborhood of 18% on the Red Plan. Eighteen percent of $293 million is $52.74 million dollars. That’s a few shekels more than the $4.5 million Dr. Dixon and the DNT reported.

The DNT has never acknowledged or corrected this whopper and their misinformative story was used by Fargo Forum columnist, Ralph Doty, to call Gary Glass a liar the weekend before Gary was a candidate for the School Board in 2006.

So the DNT now reports that poor old Scott Kuiti who they demanded apologize to Chairman Grover for being uncivil when bulldozers steamrolled his property reports today that the School Board is contemplating breaking their promise not to use eminent domain to take his property anyway for the Piedmont School.

Kerry Leider has told Mr. Kuiti in the past that the District had everything settled for it to continue the construction. Another lie.

Its apparent to me that while the School Board may have lived in glorious and stubborn ignorance the real movers and shaker in the District have known all along that they would have to seize Kuiti’s property to justify all the damage they have done by tearing down a perfectly good school and rebuilding it on too small a plot of land. The clearest indication of this is that their real estate agent for FI Salter Realty, Natalie Hoff, stole a potential client from Kuiti for her own rental properties a year ago by telling her it was a mistake to rent from Kuiti because his building would fall into the School District’s hands. This was after Ms. Hoff told Kuiti that the District wouldn’t be buying his property. (read this too) (and this) (and this)

The School Board hasn’t broken its promise yet but they sure as hell would like to use eminent domain to take Mr. Kuiti’s property. Its no wonder that Mr. Kuiti flipped Tim Grover the bird. The School Board won’t listen to critics, they turn off the microphones and handcuff people for quoting the Board members empty promises. About the only way one can “talk” to such people is through sign language. But that can be corrected to by turning off the lights. The lights have been out in the Duluth School Board since Dr. Dixon came to Duluth. Rereading the many posts I’ve linked to hear it appears the Duluth News Tribune turned off their lights in sympathy with the Superintendent.

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