A+, D-

Its a shame that the DNT doesn’t put its local cartoonist Steve Lindstrom’s cartoons on its website.

I was so preoccupied reading the editorial a few days ago about my neighbor taking on the duty of being on the editorial board that I failed to notice the Lindstrom cartoon that sat beside it. When the cartoon was described to me I had to go back to the Monday paper to see it for myself especially after hearing that the Superintendent said it did the School District no credit. (which I took to mean it did Dr. Dixon little credit) It was simple and pointed. It showed a character representing the School District proudly holding up a report card on “new buildings” graded A+ and holding behind his back another report card on “teaching students” with a D-.

I have to give the editorial board credit for publishing letters (including mine) which often drive stakes of holly through their heart. The Lindstrom cartoon is a similar rebuke.

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