How a JCI run School Board acts

I got this email yesterday. I passed it on as requested and then asked for permission to reprint it. The writer asked me to remove his/her name for fear of retaliation. I guess that’s to be expected wherever JCI’s influence has been extended.

RE: Duluth School Board/Art Johnson
Dear Mr. Welty-

I am just a concerned citizen from Cook. I was hoping you could get hold of Mr. Art Johnson, member of the Duluth School Board, and tell him that we are thinking about him.

I was just watching the 6:00 news on Channel 10-13…
RE: the Duluth School Board Mtg… and how this Duluth School Board Chairman wouldn’t let the man speak against the ‘Duluth Red Plan,” and how the chairman called the police to escort him away …

and then School Board Member Art Johnson wasn’t allowed to speak … and they shut the microphones off and told the TV cameras to shut down….

The same thing is happening in our School District #2142. Johnson Controls does NOT allow anyone to speak either. At the Planning & Zoning meeting on Oct. 14 regarding the 2142 School District … we were told that No one was supposed to speak at this point in the meeting. HOWEVER…
A man from Johnson Controls Inc., jumped up out of his seat, flashed something up on a screen. He then tells our ELECTED OFFICIALS (the School Board, the Planning and Zoning Board, etc)“this is how you vote you can’t question anything you only vote this way.”

The Elected Officials, one-by-one, obediently vote the way the man from JCI has told them to vote. Once in a while, an ELECTED OFFICIAL may vote according to his/her conscience, but this is not very common.

Many times, the JCI item is designed to by-pass rules, laws and regulations that are already in place. AND it is designed to put $millions in the pocket of JCI. Existing rules, laws and regulations don’t seem to apply to the Fortune 500 company, Johnson Controls.

If a private citizen questions JCI on the item put forth, JCI just changes the figures. As a rule of thumb, most ELECTED OFFICIALS do NOT QUESTION Johnson Control Inc. on anything. And of course, if any elected official asks a question.. JCI has the chairman tell them that they can’t speak… and they can ONLY VOTE on the item the way that JCI has put it up on the screen.

Mr. Welty …

Please tell Art Johnson that we are all behind him. Tell him to keep on “asking questions ” … he was elected by his precincts to represent them on the Duluth School Board. He has just as much right to “speak and ask questions” as every other member on that Board has.

Tell him we know how he feels. Johnson Controls tells all of us that “we can’t speak either”!!!

Concerned citizen
Cook, MN

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