God Damn it….. An army of Tucker Carlsons……

Tonight’s early reports of locations being attacked by Russia in the Ukraine

Just before I tried to hit the sack I read the first report of what has been expected for a week, Russia’s attack on the Ukraine. Its the beginning of the New Cold War, the Putin Cold War or maybe the Republican Cold War. It is the last thing the World needs now or that the US needs now, or that Europe needs now or that Russia needs now. Russia is getting it because they don’t have a Democracy and their wannabe Tsar for life, Vladimir Putin, has a Slavic vision that mirrors Adolph Hitler’s Ayran Vision. If Putin tried to put out the methane spewing fires in his globally warmed Siberian tundra he could be remembered as a man who helped save the world. Now he’s just the man who, like Trump, is dedicated to making everybody suffer because he isn’t getting his way. As an Earthling I must say I sure as hell don’t want the bastard to get his way and I’ll do what I can to deprive him of any long term success.

My not sleeping tonight won’t stop Putin’s attack. But I hope posting these few words, of the million thoughts shooting through my brain now, will help me sleep so that tomorrow I can throw even more of myself into the plans I hint at in this week’s Reader column. Its ostensibly about my recent heart attack but its really about my lifelong sense that I had some destiny waiting for me to fulfill. Tonight Putin has blown more air on that fire of mine.

Before I climbed out of bed to post this before midnight I jotted down a few words and emailed them to myself. They pretty well describe my thoughts as they have been putrefying over the six=-year-reign of Donald Trump. I sent them to myself in an email to remember them tomorrow. They are these:

An army of Tucker Carlsons took over the Republican party leaving America 30 trillion in debt while their field of cow pies gave birth to Donald Trump

So much damage to undo. So much work ahead. So little time to get it done.

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