Is LHB Lake County’s JCI?

I heard an interesting story yesterday from a Lake County businessmen. He told me that LHB in Duluth had underwritten the last three or four attempts to pass a bond to build a new school in Two Harbors. I asked him how he knew this and he said he got it from sources in Lake County’s government. School bonds failed year after year for the project that LHB was set to design and build. Many people in the community felt the relatively recent high school built in the 1960’s should be fixed up instead for a much smaller cost of around $2 million.

After a succession of earlier referendums failed the District engineered an election in the summer months to insure that Snowbirds and cabin owners would be away from the voting booth. This last time the bond passed, narrowly as I recall.

So LHB got its school built and it has been an albatross around the School District’s neck ever since. It has made it impossible to get angry tax payers to vote for operational levies. This has meant that the new school’s swimming pool had to be closed and more recently left the community with a four-day school week.

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