It gets better

Some of the kids I found most interesting in high school never returned because those qualities that made them interesting also kept them apart.

Some of them were probably gay. I only knew one kid in high school that I suspected was gay. He was in the class ahead of me. Our two classes had nearly 900 students between them. If 5%, about 50, of my fellow students were gay they kept it well hidden from me for good reason. They would have been treated with no mercy. That’s been changing.

Twelve years ago when my daughter was a student at East High she confronted some bullies who were harassing a gay kid.

The logo above belongs to a website organized by LGBT’s to create youtubes explaining to possibly suicidal high school kids to hang in there because life gets better. I’ve paid particular attention to gays from grade school on and their experience today compared to my youth makes it clear that life has gotten better.

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