Blogging, subbing, sculpting, Frenchifying, writing, Blogging????

I put two hours a day in in French. After two hours a day for four years I’m too stubborn to quit until I can speak it. After 19 runs of political office including 4 for Congress which I will only stop after there is no obvious good reason to make myself available. After Sculpting snow for 35 years and still being able to stand upright with more political messages and good cheer to spread. After returning to the classroom after a fifty year desire to prove I can help make students want to come back to class……..I find it very hard to blog every day the way I did for most of the time between 2006 and the second year of covid. Not that I am at a loss for things to offer my opinions on. I spend two hours reading news too. I just have other things that are a little higher on my radar……like coming up with now weekly columns for the Duluth Reader. I really have to edit those pieces unlike my blog posts which are often barely skimmed to remove their mistakes.

Don’t give up on me. At the very least I put links here for my Reader columns which you can read online. This is still a place that wears watching…….Are you paying attention Pete?

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