Building my snow sculpture during a Tornado warning

Bob Dole’s ghost swept across his hometown last night with 100 MPH winds. Its climate change in Russel Kansas which saw its wind records shattered.

I save my snow from a couple weeks ago carefully hiding it from the sun and moved it to my front yard. Last night we got 1 inch of rain as Minnesota records of various sorts fell. One of them being the first December ever to have tornado warnings. I covered my sculpture of a quintet of Carolers under tarps to survive 47 degree melting and last night’s rain. Here’s the intersection during one downpour last night.

I was substitute teaching Tuesday and Wednesday and my eight our days left me no time to work in the light but I did manage to cover the sculpture with tarps. This is how it looked when I began peeling them off this morning.

And here is my relatively successful protection in the full unveiling. Note that I covered snow wet from the rain with the tarps to prolong their dampness for the morning as the temperatures dropped. I needed to keep them sticky to put flesh to my boney fingers:

After I used up most of the snow I got more help from my two grandsons and I had them decorate the singers with scarves, ties and other assorted enhancements. I ran out of steam to work when lunch was ready. I’m still thinking about whether I really want to spiff the carolers any more. My back says no. Note the yellow clay model I made before I piled up the snow. Its at the foot of one of the carolers.

And this is how I would like my sculpture to look. I didn’t place the women properly to manage this but since it will be cold if I do fuss with things like eyes and noses they are likely to survive through the cold to come.

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