A Most chilling cartoon because it is spot on

All Trump supporters have, without any intelligent people to speak for them is an allegiance to the lies that they pass off as “owning the libs.”

This is one helluva cartoon and it is just what I wish I could do, especially at a time when it is more urgent than anytime since Dr. Seuss cranked them out as Hitler rose from the pit of hell. His are compiled in the fantastic Dr. Seuss Goes to War.

I have a collection of my artistic efforts warning America starting 8 months before Trump became the Republican Party and the President on the same night. The page is from my quarantine campaign for Congress in 2020. It’s called Not a Trumplican. NOTE: today I’m vaccinated and the guy I ran against won’t encourage anyone to do what his boss Trump did, get vaccinated. NOTE also: I haven’t taken down my website since the 2020 election ended.

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