Books August 2021

These are some of the books I’m hoping to tackle this month. I just began reading or rather rereading 36 children. I’m working on it now for my next Reader column that I’ll need to turn in tomorrow. My current column is out at least on line. I’ll link to it in the next post.

I’ve picked up the Freedom Detective Again and after reading it last night I intend to finish it. It ties in beautifully with so much and with this recent post particularly.

Both of these readings are slowing my progress in Jesus and John Wayne but I’m sure it will be finished in ten or 15 days. As for the Black Count, Claudia and I heard its audio version halfway through a couple weeks ago on our drive to Ann Arbor. I was so intrigued by the detail on the French Revolution’s concerns about slaves I bought a used copy at Amazing Alonzo’s a couple days ago.

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