Sitting and Thinking

Standards will save us or they will be the death of us all. Or maybe neither. The Editor of the Reader chose a much more saccharine title for my recent column last week. Sitting and Thinking. I still much prefer the one I proffered but even Shitting and Thinking would have been better.

I teased Jim about his reticence to use my far more pungent title and he wrote back that there was no way something as disgusting as my initial headline would grace any publication he had authority over. I agreed that he had more “couth” than I had at age seventy. I almost felt bad until I returned to Duluth from my after-the-quarantine sojourn to visit my son and his bride in Ann Arbor over the weekend. On our long drive back we switched from an audio book that had me nodding off to a book we’d listened to a couple years ago. The more engaging book was a bio by the witty and observant Trever Noah. It once again had us laughing especially in a chapter on that indelicate subject. Trevor must have used the word two or three hundred times in Born a Crime.

Born a Crime was a New York Time’s Best Seller…..Then again, it didn’t have “Shit” in the Title.

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