Making George Floyd’s death meaningless

I watched both the Republican and Democratic prime time conventions in their entirety. After watching the Republicans I was full of dread:

I just finished my first Reader Column since my own protest of Pete Stauber’s campaign. I had been feeling hopeful for America but the rioters have given our Showman-in-Chief his Nixon moment. That was the topic of my column. When I finished the rough draft my wife called me over for a blast from the past courtesy of historian Michael Beschloss’s twitter feed. It was this 1968 Nixon ad.

As I told a fellow on Facebook today I lived through Hubert Horatio Humphrey’s loss to Richard Nixon in 1968. Nixon prevailed on the strength of his criticisms of rioting. I saw the ad above many times through October. I explained that Nixon won despite having to run against George “segregation today, segregation tomorrow, Segregation forever” Wallace. Then I added: Donald Trump doesn’t have to worry about losing any votes to George Wallace.

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