Perhaps this blog is the DNT’s editorial caveat that I have not always used my knowledge for good in their otherwise ringing endorsement of my candidacy. So be it. My fingers tell all……or a lot……with much more to tell should I get elected to the School Board in the General Election.

Nice picture they took of me By the way. Thanks Clint. It only took about six clicks and five minutes.

The photo session happened yesterday. It was one of several things I was busy with that kept me from the blog. First and foremost was an uninterrupted walk with my wife and grandsons on a beautiful morning through our City’s Rose Garden and Leif Erickson Park. Thank you Liam for not sending me any texts that morning at my request. Sometimes one needs a mental health break. Liam and I had plenty of opportunity to conduct politics later at lunch. There was so much to discuss including my tardy work updating my campaign website and a disquisition about the meeting in West Duluth about how to react after the Trayvon Martin shooting. And when will I send out a fund raising letter and when will I have a campaign flyer and when will I order lawnsigns etc. etc. etc.

Its not surprising that the subject of racial justice is on Liam’s mind. He already texted me today in horror asking about the news story revealing that Duluth is desegregating only now! I’ve ignored the text because I’ll have hours upon hours to explain our school district’s history of deseg and the Red Plan’s concentration of minorities at a later date. Now I have two things to do along with this blog update (which seems a luxury time barely affords me). I must pay a call to my Mother for a belated visit and I must find time this morning to write my next column for the Reader Weekly. Both tasks will require some concentration and because our daughter has started back to work but school has not yet begun for her children grandparenting will be required as well. I’ll leave most of that up to Claudia.

BTW. Much to my surprise the Trib’s one mention of school board candidates attending the Trayvon discussion was my name under a photo caption showing me amidst a small gathering. There were six or so candidates there and some of them even had their faces in view in the photo with my back to the photographer. When I set up my photo shoot with Bob and Clint at the Trib I told them a head shot might not be necessary because they already had one of my best side.

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