If you didn’t mail in your primary ballot…

Please take a chance today and cast one on election day at the polls!

I rested the case for my candidacy here two weeks ago with the post preceding this one and haven’t added a post since. After Pete Stauber defeats me tomorrow I will take down the signs in my yard and resume blogging and writing my columns in the Duluth Reader. I am in the mood to run for the School Board next year, at least at this moment. I’m also eager to finish writing a book and most eager to see Donald Trump crushed on November 3rd. as his most ardent supporters watch in horror the mounting innocent deaths wrought by Trump’s retardation, greed, ignorance, arrogance and senility. (I watched a clip of him four years ago eviscerating the Bush Era Republicans with his tardy accusation that the Middle East has been a Republican disaster. He really had something four years ago.) Today…….well, this latest of the unending Lincoln Project ads sums him up as he is today. Watch it and remember, Pete Stauber has aided and abetted Trump for the last two years.

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