Facebook Farce

Chuck (the Trib’s editor) pointed out that the letter-to-the-editor I sent him had a factual error that I will be changing tonight. He made a couple of good suggestions but I’ll wait till tonight to think about them.

The editorial endorsing Roger was extremely long almost as though its length would cover up its lack of substance. Driving back to Duluth this afternoon I could think of nothing of consequence that the Trib claimed Roger had accomplished. Oh, he set up Facebook. If that’s the criteria he’s your man.

I hate Facebook as a political tool. I have a Face bookpage I set up years ago that I rarely visit despite getting lots of friend requests. They come from both family friends and political junkies. That’s oil and vinegar. I much prefer my blog to communicate to the world (or one of my websites) and I much prefer email for collecting feedback and data.

If Facebook is the criteria for election to the State Senate Duluth has thousands of adolescents with bright political futures.

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