A Conway ally gets the business from Stephen Colbert’s Crew

I found it with this tag: “Rick Wilson squirms talking anti-Trump Super-PAC” Watch it first. Mr. Wilson no doubt expected to be hailed as a hero by Colbert’s crowd but instead got a lot of cold water poured on him. I sympathize with both Mr. Wilson and the cold water splashers. Watch it first then I’ll add my two cents afterward.

I mentioned in my second post today that the book I began five months ago began morphing as the news and the campaign passed day by day. While now I am targeting Black Lives Mattering it began as an exploration to what the hell happened to the Party of Lincoln.

The Colbert crowd rightly points out that the Lincoln Project is likely to benefit from its attacks on Trump and its past associations with the kind of tactics that got Trump elected to the shame of Lincoln Project creators.

I agree. I have nothing nice to say about the tactics that took a centrist like me and placed me in the orbit of Pluto.

But I do have nice things to say about every ad I’ve seen the Lincoln Project spit out. While they were not as quick to beat up Trump I think its fair to give them the benefit of the doubt on what a Trump Presidency might mean four years ago. I’m not in the mood to second guess any ally today who is trying to cleanse America’s politics from the cancer that is Trump. Better late than never…….and maybe just in time.

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